money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a false sense of security and fruity alcoholic beverages to numb the pain and honestly what’s the difference

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So my cousin was in a gay pride parade and everything in her outfit and makeup was rainbow but she was wearing red contacts and while marching, a protester behind her yelled “You’re going straight to hell” and she turns around to face him with her fuCKING blood red eyes and she says “well duh, I got a kindom to run” and the protester nearly fucking passed out that is her legacy I want to be like her

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friendly reminder that shouldnt have to even be stated but apparent it does that if you’re white and you say the n word then its fucking racist

i dont care if you’re using it in a joking way

i dont care if you’re using -a instead of -er

i dont care if you, a white person, personally think that its fine

using the n word is fucking racist this is not up for debate